On The Impossible Past LP (Tangerine with Apple Galaxy)

On The Impossible Past LP (Tangerine with Apple Galaxy)

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The Menzingers created a rousing sound featuring crashing power chords, rock steady drumming and anthemic sing-along choruses alongside powerfully poetic everyman lyrics. On The Impossible Past was recorded at Atlas Studios in Chicago with longtime collaborators Matt Allison (Alkaline Trio, The Lawrence Arms) and Justin Yates. While the record retains all the raucous spirit of the band’s earlier efforts sonically, it’s a monumental step forward. “I think that ‘Gates’ is one of the most mature songs on the album,” guitarist/vocalist Tom May explains, referencing the tender rock song sung by Barnett that truly transcends genres. “I hope it surprises people because it’s not a straight-forward punk song with gang vocals or anything like that but it still definitely sounds like us.” The band will embark on a 28 date US headlining tour where they will play their breakout album On the Impossible Past from front to back. The 10 year anniversary includes reworked artwork in a gatefold jacket, an 8 page booklet, and their acoustic album tracks previously only released as On the Possible Past.

Track listing:
Disc 1

  1. Good Things
  2. Burn After Writing
  3. The Obituaries
  4. Gates
  5. Ava House
  6. Sun Hotel
  7. Sculptors and Vandals
  8. Mexican Guitars
  9. On the Impossible Past
  10. Nice Things
  11. Casey
  12. I Can’t Seem to Tell
  13. Freedom Bridge

Disc 2
  1. Good Things
  2. Burn
  3. Ava
  4. Sun Hotel
  5. Sculptors and Vandals
  6. Casey
  7. I Can’t Seem to Tell
  8. Freedom Bridge